Dale Schwetz started riding horses at the age of 8, at the Royal Palm Polo Club in Boca Raton, FL. 


He attended Culver Military Academy from 1981-1985. During his years at Culver, he was a member of Black Horse Troop, winning three National Championships in polo and taking his horsemanship skills to a professional level. 


After completing college, Dale started playing professional polo, rated 2 goals at the age of 20. Following the polo circuit, Dale played in all levels from 4 goal to 30 goal, achieving a handicap of 5 goals. 


Dale has been umpiring for 10 years achieving the highest rating for an umpire. He was awarded the Carlton Beal Award for Professional Umpire of the Year. Also in 2009, he was inducted to the Culver Horsemanship Hall of Fame. 


Dale has built a life with horses and polo, and continues to work on bettering all aspects of the game.